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    Our Pursuit

    Since the establishment of the company, we adhere to the concept of common development with customers, employees and society,Creating value for customers, employees and society is our unremitting pursuit.
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    Products Line

    We mainly produce general-purpose small-size gasoline engine (2 and 4 stroke), plant protection machine, garden and agricultural machine.
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    In 2022, we obtained the National high-tech enterprise certificate, We also have ISO9001 quality system certification ( NO.:06521Q01516R0M) and the CE certificate.
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    More than 90% of our products are exported to dozens of countries, we exports to South Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle east, Southeast America, and Europe and other countries and regions.



  • Troubleshooting Like a Pro

      The worst way to waste time is to try to fix something that doesn’t need fixing. Determining exactly what ails an engine is an exercise in logic called “troubleshooting.” Within the equipment limits that even professional mechanics must work, there is always a certain amount of supposition an...

  • How to use the brush cutter?

      Using a brush cutter safely and effectively requires careful attention to several steps. Here’s a basic guide: 1. **Safety Gear**: Before starting, ensure you are wearing appropriate safety gear including eye protection, ear protection, sturdy work boots, long pants, and gloves. 2. *...


    The purpose of a governor is to keep the engine from destroying itself by running too fast. There is one hard-and-fast rule about them for homeowners: Leave them alone, The only exception is the governor spring on some designs. If you accidentally elongate the spring while removing the carbur...


    The typical small engine carburetor also has a choke, which may be a round plate hinged in the air horn, or a disc that can be pivoted to cover the air horn at the top. In either case, closing the choke plate restricts the air flow through the air horn, so that the air-fuel mixture is exceptional...


    An engine really runs primarily on air, about 14 parts of air to one of gasoline. The job of the fuel system, therefore, is to first mix, air and fuel in proper proportions and then deliver it to the combustion chamber. The carburetor is the key component. It mixes the fuel and air, and in...



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