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    Our Pursuit

    Since the establishment of the company, we adhere to the concept of common development with customers, employees and society,Creating value for customers, employees and society is our unremitting pursuit.
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    Products Line

    We mainly produce general-purpose small-size gasoline engine (2 and 4 stroke), plant protection machine, garden and agricultural machine.
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    In 2022, we obtained the National high-tech enterprise certificate, We also have ISO9001 quality system certification ( NO.:06521Q01516R0M) and the CE certificate.
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    More than 90% of our products are exported to dozens of countries, we exports to South Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle east, Southeast America, and Europe and other countries and regions.




    The better, safer ways are these: 1. Use a manual impact tool, sold in most auto parts stores. See 5-79 in Chapter 5. Unlike the professional impact tool powered by electricity or by compressed air, this one is whacked with a hammer and it shocks the nut, bolt or screw loose better than the ratch...


    The rules for changing the plug are simple: I. The new spark plug should look almost exactly like the old one, with a hexagonal section to the electrode. The length of the threads should be the same, and The gap between the insulator and the metal structure should Similar. 2. Stick to name-brand ...

  • Servicing Ignition and Starting Systems

    Even a careful reading of Chapter 1 might lead you to believe that the ignition and starting systems of typical small gas engine appliances require very little repair. After all, the only moving parts in the ignition system are the sturdy-looking flywheel with its permanent magnets and the breake...

  • Canton Fair invitation

    LINYI BORUI POWER MACHINERY CO.,LTD. sincerely invite you to visit our booth 135th Canton Fair/1st Phase Booth Number:8.0Q11 Add: No. 380, Yuejiang Zhong Road, Guangzhou,China(Pa Zhou Complex) Exhibition Date:15th-19th April


    ENGINE IS HARD TO START When the engine is difficult to start, but finally does get going, the most common causes are usually similar to those that cause complete starting failures, namely: 1. Partly clogged fuel line, fuel filter or fuel system vent hole (usually in gas tank cap) 2. Low compress...

  • Canton Fair invitation


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