(1) After the engine of the side-mounted brushcutter(https://www.saimacpower.com/saimac-2-stroke-gasoline-engine-brush-cutter-cg450-3-product/) is started, the side hanging belt is on the operator’s shoulder, when the engine speed reaches 2800~3200r/min, the centrifugal force makes the clutch combined, the transmission shaft in the aluminum tube rotates, and through the deceleration of a pair of bevel gears in the gearbox and changes the transmission direction, the power of the engine is transmitted to the working parts of the brushcutter, the working parts rotate at high speed, the operator holds the control handle while walking and cutting, the small bushes and weeds on the work site are cut and removed, and the working width is about 1m.
(2) After the engine of the shoulder back brushcutter (https://www.saimacpower.com/saimac-4-stroke-gasoline-engine-brush-cutter-bg435-3-product/)starts, the strap is carried behind the operator’s back, and the engine power is transmitted to the working parts of the brushcutter through the soft shaft, and the operator can cut while walking. Because the engine is carried on the back, the operation flexibility is large, not affected by the terrain and slope, and can be operated freely up and down, left and right, especially suitable for cutting and irrigation operations in mountainous areas with complex terrain.
(3) When cutting shrubs below 8cm, a one-way sawing method can be used to directly cut down; When cutting shrubs and trees above 8cm, two-way sawing can be used, that is, the lower mouth is sawed first, and the upper mouth is then sawed, and it is strictly forbidden to impact cutting when using the saw, otherwise it will hurt people or damage the machine parts due to inertia.
(4) After starting or working on a brushcutter with a saw blade or cutterhead, except for the operator, others must be 3 meters away from the machine.
(5) When transferring the operation point, the small throttle must be closed to stop the working parts from rotating, and then increase the throttle to the new operating point, and then carry out the cutting operation after increasing the speed.
(6) When stopping, close the throttle first, idle for 3 to 5 minutes and then stop, and it is strictly forbidden to stop suddenly during high-speed operation.

Maintenance of brushcutters:
(1) New machine running-in(https://www.saimacpower.com/saimac-2-stroke-gasoline-engine-brush-cutter-143r-product/)
In the early stage of the use of the new machine, it must be run-in, otherwise, it will directly affect the life of the machine and the power of the engine.
(2) Daily maintenance
1. Clean the oil and dust on the surface of the whole machine;
2. Check whether the oil pipe joint is loose and leaks oil;
3. Check whether the external fastening screws and nuts are tight;
4. Remove the spark plug to remove the carbon deposit, ensure that its gap is between 0.6~0.7mm.
(3) 50 hours maintenance:
1. Clean the air filter with gasoline;
2. Clean the gearbox and replace it with new lubricating oil (grease);
3. Remove the oil on the magneto control box and capacitor, and check the insulation of the line;
4. Remove the air shield and remove grass and oil stains between the cylinder head, cylinder block and heat sink in the hood.

(4) 100 hours maintenance:
1. Remove the muffler. Remove carbon deposits in the muffler and on the anti-Martian net;
2. For safety, re-tighten each fastener,
3. Disassemble the engine and check and clean the cylinder head, cylinder block, crankshaft connecting rod and carburetor.
(5) 500 hours maintenance:
Disassemble all the parts of the brushcutter, clean them, check the damage of each part, and replace or repair them according to the wear and tear.
(6) Long-term preservation
1. Scrub the whole machine;
2. Inject a small amount of lubricating oil into the cylinder;
3. Replace the gearbox with new grease;
4. Butter after grinding the saw blade and blade;
5. Pack properly and place in a dry and ventilated place.

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