The use of brushcutters can improve production efficiency, reduce labor intensity, improve operation quality, reduce costs, so as to achieve good economic and social benefits. Usually, before we use the brushcutter for operation, in order to ensure that the brushcutter can play its maximum advantages when operating, and also to ensure the safety of the operator, it is the best way to use the brushcutter correctly before starting the preparation work. The preparation before starting the brushcutter mainly includes the following points:


1. Mixed fuel, gasoline and engine oil should be strictly used in the specified grade, mixed according to the volume ratio of 25:1, and the new engine can be used 20:1 within 50 hours of initial use.like the CG143RS BRUSH CUTTER Best SAIMAC 2 STROKE GASOLINE ENGINE BRUSH CUTTER CG541 Manufacturer and Supplier | Borui (saimacpower.com)


2. Carefully refuel with a funnel, the oil should not overflow the oil tank, if it overflows the oil tank, it needs to be wiped clean and used after volatilization.


3. Check whether each joint has oil leakage, air leakage, and whether the screws of each connection part are tight.


4. Pull the ceasefire switch from the “OFF” position to the “ON” (working) position, and connect the spark plug to the high voltage line.


5. Check whether the oil circuit is normal.


6. Check whether the saw blade or blade is tight and whether the installation direction is correct.

7. Check whether the exposed wire is well insulated.


8. Wear the straps.




1. When working, you must wear suitable work clothes and protective equipment, and do not wear short-sleeved, loose, large and easily hung by foreign objects


Pants, a hard hat, non-slip shoes or safety shoes.


2. The production operation method is selected according to the specific conditions and habits of the site, and the slope operation should be carried out along the contour line.


3. When cutting small shrubs and weeds, continuous cutting can be used, holding the handle with both hands and swinging left and right, and the width of the cutting width is within 1.5-2 meters. The throttle can be flexibly changed according to the load size.


4. Select the lower saw edge according to the reverse direction, cut the forest trees with a root diameter of less than 8 cm, and use one-way cutting and one sawing down; Trees with a root diameter of more than 8 cm are sawed down first according to the inverted direction, but the depth should not be too large.


5. During operation, the rotating saw blade should not collide with hard objects such as stones, and if it accidentally touches stones, it should be stopped immediately for inspection.


6. Normal sawing should be carried out from right to left, please do not reverse sawing, so as not to cause the saw blade to rebound. It is also not allowed to push cutting with the saw teeth directly in front of the blade, generally so that the center of the cut wood is located about one-third of the diameter of the saw blade behind the most front teeth.

7. After running for a long time, use the gap of refueling to check the machine, whether the screw nut is loose, and whether the saw blade is damaged.


8. Do not allow the gasoline engine to overspeed and idle for a long time.


9. According to different operation content, correctly select the blade, cut the small diameter wood should use 80 tooth saw blade, cut weeds, should use 8 tooth blade or 3 tooth blade, cut grass, young grass, should use nylon rope lawn mower.


10. Interrupt the operation, stop when changing the site, and turn off the oil switch when stopping.

11. In oil depots, flammable sites in forest areas, fire prevention measures should be taken in accordance with relevant regulations, such as appropriate operation restrictions, installation of mufflers and anti-Mars nets, etc. Under special circumstances, simple fire extinguishing equipment should be carried.

Post time: Dec-07-2023