(1) Adjustment of magneto.


1. Adjustment of ignition advance angle.


When the gasoline engine is working, the ignition advance angle is 27 degrees ± 2 degrees before the upper dead center. When adjusting, remove the starter, through the two inspection holes of the magneto flywheel, loosen the two screws that fix the bottom plate, and use the two long waist holes of the bottom plate to adjust, such as ignition too early, turn the bottom plate to the appropriate position in the same direction as the direction of rotation of the crankshaft when the engine is working, and then tighten the two screws, on the contrary, if the ignition is too late, the bottom plate can be rotated in the opposite direction of the crankshaft rotation.


2. The gap between magneto rotor and stator should be 0.25~0.35mm:


(2) Spark plug gap adjustment:


After the gasoline engine works for a certain time, the gap exceeds the specified range due to electrode burning, and the side electrode should be removed to adjust the carbon deposit so that the gap reaches the specified value of 0.6~0.7 mm.


(3) Carburetor adjustment:


When adjusting the carburetor, put the flat spring in different positions of the oil needle ring groove to achieve the purpose of adjustment. When the flat circlip is lowered, the oil supply increases.


(4) Starter adjustment:


When the starting rope or spring is damaged and needs to be repaired, please disassemble and assemble according to the position of the part, and pay attention to tightening the M5 left-hand screw in the center.

After assembly, pay attention to adjust the tension of the spring, when the starting rope is completely pulled out, the starting wheel should still be able to rotate forward for about half a circle, at this time the spring tension is appropriate, to prevent too loose or too tight. When adjusting, first connect the starting rope, wrap the rope around the rope wheel along the direction of rotation, leave a section of rope to lift from the gap of the rope wheel, and gently rotate the rope wheel forward in the direction of rotation with force, at this time the spring is tensioned, and vice versa, it is relaxed. The starting rope should be replaced in time, but attention must be paid to the moderate length, the rope is too long, the starting handle hangs, the rope is too short, and it is easy to pull off the rope head.


(5) Gearbox adjustment:

Use the adjustment spacer to adjust the tooth side clearance so that the tooth side gap is between 0.15~0.3 mm (can be checked by fuse or rotated tooth shaft to determine empirically).


(6) Throttle rope adjustment:

After long-term use, the throttle rope may be extended, so adjust it if necessary so that the carburetor’s air volume piston can be fully opened and fully closed.


(7) Adjustment of handle position:


The handle can be moved back and forth, left and right. The handle can be adjusted and fixed in a position that is easy to operate according to the height of the human body.


Be prepared before the brushcutter starts


Brushcutter can cut a variety of trees and weeds within 18 cm diameter portable small power machine, brushcutter is the garden department and institutions of greening advanced garden machinery, in fact, brushcutters in many fields are also widely used, in forestry can be used for young forest tending , forest land clearing, secondary forest transformation, plantation thinning operations; The garden can be used for mowing grass, mowing the lawn, and attaching a supporting device to harvest crops such as rice and wheat in agriculture; Equipped with a nylon lawn mower, it is safe to mow in the yard; Install a small water pump to sprinkle irrigation.

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