• Saimac Brush Motor Hedge Trimmer

Saimac Brush Motor Hedge Trimmer

Saimac Brush Motor Hedge Trimmer

Short Description:

“The BRUSH MOTOR HEDGE TRIMMER features a rotatable handlebar that makes it easy to trim while you work. This HEDGE TRIMMER is widely used in garden pruning, garden modeling, tea tree pruning, tea garden harvesting, road greening and other ranges. This HEDGE TRIMMER has won the favor of the majority of users with the advantages of high efficiency, wide use, Long-term continuous work without burning the machine, light weight,and durability.”

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Blade length 510mm
Cutting diameter 14mm
Charging voltage 110-220V
Battery capacity 4.0Ah
Power 800W
No-load speed 3000r/min
Package size 93*21*9cm
Net weight 2.2Kg



Independent suspension, 4 sets of shock springs, the machine can reduce jitter well when working. "


Adjustable swivel handle, ergonomically designed, 180°/3 gear change trimming makes trimming easier"


Strong core power,Thickened alloy cylinder, long-term work, not easy to pull the cylinder


Enlarged safety protection guide plate, new material die-casting, wear-resistant and not easy to break, can effectively prevent debris splashing. "


Because the BRUSH MOTOR HEDGE TRIMMER is light and the blade is close to the operator, it is still quite dangerous when the gasoline engine drives the blade to and from the rapid back and forth. For your own safety and the safety of others, please pay attention to the following points before using this HEDGE TRIMMER:
1. Read the instruction manual carefully before use
2. Know how to close this HEDGE TRIMMER
3. Wear goggles and earplugs, and work clothes if necessary.
4.Always turn off the engine and make sure the cuting tool has stooped before cleaning. removing. or adjusting the blade.

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